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Brotherhood Winery Wedding, Washingtonville, New York | Jenn and James

Dress: MoriLee 1813, purchased from RK Bridal
Veil: Handmade from veiledbeauty
Shoes: Nina Shoes
Floral Design: GBC Style

Paperworks: DIY. Printed by Cards and Pockets
Catering: Pamela’s Traveling Feast
Cake: The Pastry Garden

Entertainment: DJ Trife from Scratch Weddings
Makeup: Lauren Weber
Hair: Annaliese Tatulli


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  1. Anonymous says:

    We are having our wedding there in October and I have to say this is the most unique and beautiful set up I’ve seen yet! Beautiful photos as well! But the vision for this space was stunning!…if the bride follows this post, would you recommend the dance floor in that location for a larger wedding? That’s originally where I had envisioned it.

    • TEST says:

      Your wedding was stunning!!!!

      We are thinking of having our wedding here and it would be larger then 100. How many guest did you have? Did it feel crowded?

      I would love to speak to either of you if you have any recommendations. My email is Thanks!

  2. Jenn Bedell says:

    Thank you so much!!!! When we first walked into the space, it felt like the dance floor just naturally belonged there. We had about 100 people in that space, and I think it would be perfectly fine for a larger wedding.

    My only word of caution is that while Donny was so nice throughout the process, he was a bit finicky about us moving the dance floor. In the end, we decided that’s how we wanted it and we made it happen!

    Good luck with the planning and thank you again!

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